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The Perfect Romantic

Your Kiss is Art!

Just like fingerprints - every
kiss is unique.

The ultimate in personal art.
You pick the colors, style
and size that best express
your sizzling personality.
Paint kits made
from your favorite

Kit includes
canvas, paints and

Everything needed
to create your
Do-it-yourself  wall
art from the quirky
mind of Oregon
artist Nancy

As simple as trace
and paint. Kits are
available with paint
or supply your own.
Fine art reproductions
from  the pastels of
Oregon artist Nancy

Looking for Pigs on
Bikes? Zydeco Zebras?
Here's your site. All
canvases are
gallery-wrapped and
ready to hang.
Koko's Paint By Number Kit
9220 SW Barbur Blvd  Suite 119-154
Portland, OR  97219
Hells Canyon and Reno Moto photos