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"Don't despair - Koko's Paint By
Number kit is just what you need. Hand
over a photo and you'll get a numbered
canvas, paints, and brushes - everything
you need to create a masterful portrait of
your precious one."

Parents  BABY magazine
"Family portraits can be a snooze, but
not when you make them with a Koko's
Paint by Number Kit. The company
creates a color-coded pattern of a digital
image and provides brushes and
customized paints."

budget living magazine
"Ready to paint your masterpiece? You
can with a Koko's Paint By Number Kit.
color-coded canvas and customized
Release your inner Rembrandt and voilà!
A work of art destined to become a
family heirloom"

Working Mother magazine
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Anyone can Paint Photo s with our Paint By Number Kit.
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