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Bitmap or Vector?
Koko's     Paint By Number Kit
Bitmap images (raster images) are made up of pixels in a grid. Pixels are picture elements - little dots of individual color that
make up what you see on your screen. All these tiny dots of color come together to form the images you see. However, if you
enlarge a bitmap image too much, you are going to see a definite jagged appearance to a line.

We use a bitmap image to make most kits. The jagged lines of the PBN are virtually unnoticeable on the smallest sized canvases.
They are noticeable but not significant on larger canvases. The maximum size canvas we can use with bitmap images is the 30" x
36" party canvas. If you have a lot of small detail or are concerned about the jagged lines, these canvases can be made from vector
art but it will increase the cost significantly.

Vector images are made up of many individual, scalable objects. These objects are defined by mathematical equations rather
than pixels, so they always retain their shape no matter the size at which they are printed. You can increase and decrease the size of
vector images to any degree and the PBN lines will remain smooth and sharp on the canvas.

Canvases larger than the standard party sizes(max 30" x 36") need to be made with vectored images. This method of making PBNs
is more time/labor intensive and raises the cost of the canvas.