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He's a Real Hot Dog©
"My daughter and I
painted the hotdog
together on her bedroom
wall. What a fun project
and it looks great!"
Sandy K.
Paint Set and 3 Brushes
Original art by Nancy Coffelt
45"high x 58"wide

This is one hot Hot Dog!
Wearing his red cowboy
boots and breathing fire, he
warms up any room.

Just tape the pattern  on the
wall, trace and paint. Kit
includes a color-matched
paint guide and easy to
follow instructions.

Get your paint from us or use
your own. Kit includes a list
of acrylic craft paints that can
be found at most craft and
hobby stores.

This painting can be done as
Portable Mural - Click
here to see how.
Easy to paint. Click here to see how.
Koko's   Paint by Number Wall Art