Koko's   Paint by Number Wall Art
Easy to paint. Click here to see how.
45"high x 48"wide

Three cats peek out from their
clever hiding spot behind the
ferns. Even Murray the cat
can't see them!

Just tape the pattern  on the
wall, trace and paint. Kit
includes a color-matched paint
guide and easy to follow

Get your paint from us or use
your own. Kit includes a list of
acrylic craft paints that can be
found at most craft and hobby
Original art by Nancy Coffelt
The Portable Mural
Paint Set and 3 Brushes
Paint on plywood, using the same
process as a wall mural. This will work
for any of our Art Murals that measure
less than 48" on one side.

Use 4' x 8' plywood with one pretty,
smooth side. 1/4" hardwood for an
interior painting and 1/2" exterior grade
for outdoor paintings.

Many home supply stores will cut the
plywood for you. Cut to size. Allow
more space if you plan to put a frame
around it that will cover some of the
front surface.

Primer(wall paint is fine)before tracing
the design. Spackle any big holes, sand  
and prime a second time.

Trace and paint. Protect the finished
painting with an appropriate sealer for
either indoor or outdoor use. You'll
probably want to cover the edges for
looks as well  as protection outdoors.
The painting to the left has a 1/4 round
nailed along its edges.
Koko's Paint By Number Kit
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